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Tips: Traveling With A Toddler



Being that we are a military family we travel A LOT! I feel like each time we do travel, I learn something new that makes my life the next time a little easier! The first time we ever traveled with our daughter we flew during the day that was a HUGE mistake. We quickly learned that traveling at night during our daughter’s usual bedtime was what worked out best for us all (by all, I mean everyone on the plane). 

We always arrive to the airport an hour or two ahead of our flight just so we are not rushing to get to the gate! As you all probably know by now, people with kids almost always board first! Biggest mistake to make is being unprepared. Our most recent trip was from Hawaii to California and this time we got an extra seat. Luckily since Kali is still under two we did not have to install her car seat and we basically just had more the enough wiggle room! If you are not able to buy an extra seat, you can wait until everyone is pretty much boarded and ask a flight attendant if there are any empty seats you guys can switch to (We have done the too, but you don't always get lucky). We try to keep her up and let her explore for as long as possible for else she won't be okay with sitting still for long once we are on the flight.  


Tablet- Anything you can play your kiddies favorite shows/ movies will work! I have seen those portable DVD players, laptops you name it! We got her favorite shows on there and we were good to go! For the most part her tablet doesn't entertain her for long unless there is music playing, but it did the trick for a while before she fell asleep!  

Crayons/Coloring Pages- If you prepare ahead of time I would highly suggest triangle crayons, that way you don't have to worry about crayons rolling around and losing them. I get Kali the coloring activity books that come with stickers; something about being able to place stickers randomly entertains her for long, with color room as well! 

Snacks- Well this is a given. I usually just throw them in my bag and we are good to go. I always bring snacks no mater where we go, but like I said I always learn something new. Since we always arrive earlier then our flight, our last trip Kali made a little friend Arianna. If I could find Arianna’s mom and thank her 100x I would! She had a little caddy that looked like it was meant to hold crafts, but held all snacks in one place and divided them! Next time we are SOOO doing this! 

Pillows/Blankets- If you are traveling far most airlines offer this, but still bring our own so we are comfy and pus when you get to your hotel you will still have a piece of home with you! 

New Small Toy- Old toys are boring! We always get Kali a small new toy she's never seen before; helps keep her entertained with it of pretty long! 

As a mom, I'm sure you ladies probably double-check diaper bags! I do! Don't forget extra change of clothes, Sippy cups, enough diapers, wipes, and baby lotion. Now that you've got al that, its time to sit back and enjoy your flight! Hope this helps! Comment below if you have any other great tip or if this helped you out! 



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  • This couldn’t have come at a better time! Mind you I looked at the triangle crayons and never even thought about the regular ones rolling ? Next time!! Lol

    • Nicki
  • Love these!!!

    • Elsie