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Diaper Bag Essentials

There was a time that I used to carry around a HUGE diaper bag. It actually wasn't huge, just compared to what i use now and what i carry! I had a Skip Hop(still do)! Don't get me wrong this diaper bag was the best in size, compartments and style. My favorite part about it was all the zippers and pockets it had, as well as the surprising amount of things it could hold! That was my problem though, the amount of this it could hold... Seems like the more room I know I have, the more things I stuff in my bag. anyone else have this problem?

As Kali got bigger, I wanted something smaller but similar to what I had in style and what do you know, I found literally the same bag, but as a crossbody clutch! This is perfect, it came with a diaper changing pad and I wipe holder! (Will add all the links to products mentioned in post at the bottom!)


So what do we carry in this cute ol thang? Only the finest and most essential! 

  • Oilogic Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Roll-on- If your child fights their sleep in anyway shape or form like my child does, you NEED this in your life! I recently discovered this and I only wish I knew about this sooner! My daughter never napped more then 20 min and thanks to this we have successful not too long, not too short naps! It is easy to use, natural, and free off all that yucky stuff! If you haven't yet, i'd totally check them out. They have tons of amazing products!
  • Acura Baby Bug Stick- We have always lived in tropical weather and well we randomly makes stops at playgrounds we find while exploring, so this is important! Quick stick application and chemical and DEET free! Oilogic also has a roll-on one, we rotate between the two!
  • Everyone™ Coconut Lemon Hand Sanitizer- Who doesn't carry this! Harsh chemical free, gluten free and much more. Smells so good. Coconut and Lemon? Come on!! No sticky residue and safe around your kids!
  • Aveeno Baby Sunscreen Stick- My honey tans so easily, and lets face it the sun is harsh on all our bears! This one is super easy to use, hypoallergenic and delicate to baby's skin! You never know when your going to stop at a playground before going home, to burn some energy. 



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