Baby Wearing For The Win

Through out the years, baby wearing has become a controversial topic. Before becoming mom, I'm going to be honest I NEVER noticed anyone baby wearing. It wasn't until my husband joined the military that I started to become aware that baby wearing was a "thing". A lot of my MilSo friends started to become pregnant and this was a reoccurring topic then choosing between which brand and the argument that comes along with that! Once knowing I was becoming a mom myself, I took in upon my self to research and create my own opinion! Baby wearing has been around for a very long time. My mother wore us and she learned this tradition from my father's side of the family who has been doing this for generation after generation. Anywhere from hand-woven wraps, to the more modern canvas carriers.


Here's what I learned...

They say that baby wearing baby cry less.... This is a lie :) My daughter was worn from the beginning and she did not cry, as LONG as she was being worn! Not really a lie, but what I meant to say was every child is different, there is no way to say that something particular works for every child; that is a broad and cold comment to make. Now what I will say is that it helped me to get my arms back. My husband's job meant that he was gone for full 24 hour shifts so I send a while day having to hold a baby and not do anything but that until he got home. Baby wearing gave me that freedom to do things for myself with my daughter worn! (This includes shopping!!!)

If work correctly, baby wearing can have positive affects on baby especially when younger to help regulate heart rates, temperature and breathing with the person(s) carrying them the most. This also helps develop a closer bond as well as helps with the breastfeeding bond. Not to mentions when you are out in public it’s easier to breastfeed in public if you learn how to do it in the carrier! Although it does take some getting used too it has its pros... And of course its cons. You will have many people judge you and say things like "You child will be too dependent on you." and many other negative things. My advice to you, they are ignorant and do not know any better. Leave those people where you found then and never doubt what you are doing because of their opinions.



  • Ring Sling- Long piece of some kind of cloth that is worn over one shoulder. This wasn't really comfortable for me so I tried the next option! By all means please try them all before deciding, which works best for you! They are all great ways to wear your baby.
  • Wrap- Usually work over both shoulders, a long piece of fabric you wrap around your torso securely. This is perfect for baby's not toddlers unless your carrier has great support. When Kali was new born and up to 4 months we used the K'tan Baby carrier, I absolutely loved and it and always recommend it for newer moms!
  • Ergonomic Carrier- Soft and always-padded carrier, usually buckles on. Babies can we worn in front and back and come in baby size or toddler size. Now baby sizes always have to be worn with newborn inserts. We got and still have a Tula, I tried other brand but the Tula worked best for us!

Always be sure that your baby carrier feels comfortable for you, if not chances are it probably isn't comfortable for baby either! Make sure it supports baby's natural spine and hip development and if it can be used from birth (weight restrictions)!


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  • My baby girl cries the same, baby wearing or not. Lol love her to pieces tho!

    Yvonne A.

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