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Guest Blog By Kay-Dee Lane

 I majored in Business to be safe, boring I know, but I may have snuck in a few fashion classes for the heck of it! The BEST thing I learned during my fashion rendezvous was how to curate a cohesive wardrobe. If you do it right you can create endless looks without having a closet the size of a small country (not that that would be the worst thing in the world!) I think this is even more important when creating your child's wardrobe because of how fast they grow! You probably don't want to or won't even have time to buy a full wardrobe for each stage they go through! If you're like me and want your babe to have a rockin’ wardrobe without spending full paychecks each on!

 First things first!! Find your babe’s palette!! My babe is best suited by cool tones so I stick to light neutrals, light pastels, black and white. Not sure about how to find your color palette? Here's a great article that will help you find your/your babe’s best colors!

 Next choose your basics. I am a SUCKER for good quality basics. This is probably THE most important part of creating a cohesive wardrobe.  Solids are great for your basics but they don't all have to be solids! Classic patterns like stripes or polka dots make for great basics as well. And if you're a diehard 90's kid like me, plaid also counts! When choosing your basics---make sure you are choosing QUALITY pieces that will last. It's better to spend a little bit more on a quality piece that will last through washes, wear & stain removal (especially with kids) rather than buying low quality pieces more often. If you can look past the higher upfront investment it will pay off in the long run. Trust me! Another great thing is that you will be able to save these pieces for your next little babe or even resell them. The thing that attracted me to Shiloh Z Boutique the most was the fact that it's a whole treasure trove of quality basics. Here are a few of my favorite Shiloh Z pieces!

Garnet Harem Romper              Liv Black & White Searsucker Romper 



          Nahla Romper                                          Autumn Tunic 



    Merla Turban                                       Milla Black Baby Bloomers 



So how does buying basics in your color palette increase your outfit possibilities??  Since everything is in the same palette you will have endless mix and match possibilities.  Also, you can add in some fun trendy pieces to create even more outfit possibilities.  Accessories are a great opportunity to add more variety to your wardrobe without breaking the budget and they also allow you to break out of your palette a little bit!! A fan of olive green but its not in your palette?  Add a little pop of olive with this super cute head wrap! 

The October Black dress is adorable on its own or with some accessories! Wear it once alone for a minimalist look.  Next time around add a couple accessories like this necklace and some knee highs to give it a whole new look! Pro Tip: This necklace offers even more versatility because it can be worn by both mama and babe (ages 6 & up). Win win!! 


Lastly, have fun! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun. Having a mini to be able to dress and style is the ultimate DREAM come true for me!

Check out how I style my mini at IG: @fortheloveofmila / #whatwouldmilawear 


Mila in the Liv Black and White Seersucker Romper



Mila in the Milla Black Gauze Headband



Mila in the Milla Baby Bloomers and Milla Black Gauze Headband



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  • I totally agree, will need to start shopping for some basics! These overalls are soooo cute!!!

    • Janette
  • Oh my gosh, how cute! I just love all of these photos and your tips! Those little head wraps are just adorable. Fabulous post! :)

    • Lindsey