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IXMUCANE Beauty Skin Care

Fall is here!  With the different seasons, our skin care requires some adjustments to keep up with the constant changes.  Here in Florida, we go to bed with fall and wake up to summer.  So the constant humidity, going into A/C (indoor) and going back outdoors definitely takes a toll on your skin.

Personally, I can share that my skin care routines change with seasons and at times can change in a month-to-month basis (or weekly), if I find a product I want to try.  Let's phase it- we all walk through that beauty isle and think "does this really work, would this be good on my skin" and questions go on to the point we pick up products and we put them back due to all the hesitation.  It happens!  This past year, I decided to truly focus on my skin regimens, natural care, and promised to adjust my routines to sneak in that "me time", AND I can tell you that true dedication to myself has been GLORIOUS (ha, ha) ! I am loving pampering myself even for a short few minutes every morning and night.  I am a MOM so I don't always have the luxuries of going to Spa Dates.

I wanted to focus on some natural care and while searching Instagram, I came across this skin care  line "IXMUCANE", handcrafted in NY and inspired by Nature!  Not only do they have three of my favorite things in their mission, but the products are ridiculously AMAZING and rich!  I quickly contacted them and Susan {owner & hand crafter} quickly responded with questions to gather information and recommend the best products for me.  A few days later, my package arrived and it was like opening a "spa" in a tiny box!

Hydrating Face Serum / Renewing Eye Elixir (

Incase you are wondering I have combination to oily skin so my recommendations were based on my skin type.  Even during fall and cold weather, my skin remains combination.  It will dry up if I don't moisturize, however, doesn't change much.  Based on all the questions I answered, Susan recommended the Hydrating Face Serum, Balancing Facial Toner, Renewing Eye Elixir and Clarifying Clay Mask.  I gave my skin a few days to rest from anything I was using and then I started to try the IXMUCANE products.  Side note:  I recommend to only wash your skin with a basic wash before changing to new products.  This will help determine if you are allergic to anything new you are trying.  It may not work for you, and again, this is my personal recommendation.


Clarifying Clay Mask / Balancing Facial Toner  (

The first thing I tried after washing my face, was the Balancing Facial Toner in the morning.  I applied the Hydrating Face Serum next and finished that morning routing with Renewing Eye Elixir . My skin felt so hydrated and moisture during the entire day!  I cannot tell you how relieved my eyes felt when I applied the Eye Elixir.  That is like magic for our eyes! Plus, one of the ingredients is coffee bean so go figure (my favorite, duh).  Through the next few days, I began to see a difference in my skin.  I tried the Clarifying Clay Mask once during the week and it was so fresh on my skin.  I recommend doing a mask once to twice a week.  The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores.  It's almost like getting a mini- facial in the comfort of your own home.

For sure, I can tell you that I am in LOVE with these products.  I will continue to use them and highly recommend them.  For moms, this is such an easy routine!  We don't have all the time in the world with kiddos running around and busy daily routines.  I totally get it and understand!  So, what are you waiting for?  Give IXMUCANE a try! You will LOVE it too!

Get Your Beauty Care Routine at (

I would love to hear if you try IXMUCANE and your personal experiences so feel free to comment or write me personally!  Can't wait to hear about it!




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