Life & Light [IXMUCANE]

Life & Light [IXMUCANE]

Hi love bugs! By now you have been introduced to IXMUCANE SKIN CARE from a previous blog post by Elsie. So now I'm back with a video of my IXMUCANE routine of my favorite products I have tried so far!


Clarifying Face Mask

Let's talk about DEEP.  Since moving to California, the change in weather and water had my face all over the place crazy. I have tried many mask in the past, but lets be honest that over processed chemical stuff you buy at the store just makes things worse. I always go for natural products over anything else! Once my face was dry after 10-15 min, my face was cleansed and happier then ever! I do this mask once a week for best results.

 Balancing Facial Toner & Hydrating Face Serem

Apply Balancing Facial Toner on a clean face, spray directly on to face or a cotton ball. Once your face is dry apply a moisturizer! I followed it up with the Hydrating Face Serem (also by IXMUCANE), which smells LOVELY by the way! You should apply 3-6 drops to your hand or face and just let your beautiful face soak it up. I read this can also be used for split ends and fly away's, so you know I had to try it. I have dry and oily mixed skin and after a week use i saw DRASTIC improvements. My face cleared up and the dry spots on my face were balanced out. I'm not sure which i love more the product itself or the smell lol! 

I hope that you guys try this stuff out on your own, I promise you will look and feel great after! Whats better then all natural?!


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