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Being a mom is a full-time... scratch that, overtime job. With all the "Mommy, mommy, mommy." all day long, its a little hard to find time for yourself let alone get out of the house to get pampered or pay for an overpriced babysitter. The other day i decided i need a napcation.

Nap·ca·tion - noun : A relaxing trip to your quiet zone. Spent at home while your baby/toddler is asleep.

Yeah you read that right. I took it there, i needed it, sorry not sorry! Ive been over worked planning a 25th and a 3 year olds birthdays ( I thought parties were supposed to be fun?) , stressed about hubby's upcoming deployment and moving across the country for 6 months to be with family instead of home. Last but not least, focusing on buying our house when he gets back. ADULTING is hard!! So i pampered myself at home while Kali took a nap! Here is how.

1) Level Naturals Lavender + Chamomile Bath Bomb


Lavender and Chamomile both have tons of healing properties, but my favorite use for them is for relaxation! Run you warm water, drop one of these in and watch the bubbly smooth goodness spin! You will instantly start to smell and see the difference because there are actual lavender leaves infused in each bomb! 

2) Ixmucane Clarifying Clay Mask


So i use this mask weekly & i love it. I have been using their products for quiet some time now to the point where I have my routine with their products and they don't disappoint! I think what i love most is that its so effective, i feel the difference on my face without it being harsh on my skin! I just applied it while i ran the water until it got warm enough and then sat in my tub and let my mask dry, easy! 

3) Refreshing Drink Of Choice

Don't laugh at me... I went ALL out for my pampering time. Call me crazy, but wine in the middle of the day (kali naps at 1) really isn't my thing. Lemonade is! Yeah that's lemonade in my champagne glass haha! I needed a full blown fancy, yet not fancy at all experience. I just needed something i love to make my moment even better! 

4) Playlist of some of your fav songs

My current fav song! MALIBU


Trust me ladies, you won't regret it! If you do similar things at home, let me know below the different way you relax! 


xoxo, Steph

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