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Snug Spout, The Ultimate Sippy Cup



Usually having what seems like hundreds of sippy cups is a bad thing... right? Not anymore! I found these Boon Snug Spouts at target because who doesn't go there for everything! Aside from the minimal packaging, the bright colors caught my attention!

So let me tell you more! They are silicone lids that fit on just about any cup (2.5”–3.75” diameter). It comes in a pack of three, you have orange multi pack or the pink multi pack. We went with the pink and these are the 3 that came with our purchase! 

Being that they came in a pack of 3 i filled a cup and sat it in my diaper bag. We tested this out at home, in the car, out at a restaurant and of course back at target! The best part about it was that throughout our whole day i didn't have the usual leaks in my diaper bag. I also stuck on in a snack bag for cases where i didn't bring a cup with me (the restaurant) and our snug spout fit over their cups!! 

Now I'm sure your wondering how great can this really be? But I'm sure I'm about to sell on this! ITS SOOOO EASY TO CLEAN! Forget taking apart all the parts to your usual sippy cups. You just wash this like any other dish in warm soapy water! We sit ours to dry on our Boon Grass Drying Rack. They can also be placed in the dishwasher or be sterilized/boiled! Easy right? I knew you would love it! 

If you head over to Boon now, they have a $10 off on email sign up and these snug spouts are $9.99, so hurry!!!!   Yay for no more spills!



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