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READING is the key

At any stage of life babies/ toddlers/ kids; they learn everyday though reading! From language development, communication skills, logical thinking and much more. If your kid is anything like mine you probably have to reread the same book a few times, but i'm here to tell you that's okay! Rereading the same book actually helps them better understand and remember that book. It helps them put together word connection, in some cases learn certain spelling of words and to better relate the pictures and situations in the book. 


Not all kids are that interested in books and not in every book, so I find that letting my daughter pick out a few books of her own gets her excited about reading. Stopping while you reading to help better explain some pages and asking questions helps them engage in the reading process without knowing how to read. Incorporating reading into your everyday routine also gets them looking forward to another book! We like to point out words everywhere we go and relate them to the books we read the most! 


Our favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, it has helped Kali learn counting and the process of Metamorphosis (You guys should here how cute she sounds when she says that.) What kind of books do you read to your littles? If you have any extra tips on reading comment below! 

xoxo, Steph


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  • Love the guest blog! Great info for grandma, mom and baby! And Oh that Mila!!!!

    • Desiree Gustafson