This Or That

There are days where I literally want to pull my hair out from how crazy my days get, there are days where I think to myself "I want another baby" from how easy that day flowed.... Lets, be honest though sometimes we handle things well and sometimes not so well, but that does not make you a bad parent. It is easy to say things like "No" or get a little loud, but truth is children learn from example. Sort of like Monkey See Monkey Do, except they are not monkeys and they really do what they see.

From my previous post about Breaking The Barrier, I spoke about how we do not think they understand from such young ages, but in fact they do. They absorb everything from your language, tone and energy. The way you speak to your child is how your child learns, not only to speak but how to react and how to make choices. I’m here to tell you that yes there are days where we have no patience. It happens to all of us. Yes there are days where we are overwhelmed with the amount of things we need to do and yelling toddlers DO NOT help the situation!!!

You know when you are in kindergarten and they tell you treat others how you wanted to be treated? I have learned that applies to the "Toddler stages" too! I used to think that Kali didn't understand much because she was just a baby and then I noticed how slick she was because she knew I thought that. So when it came to the moments when I had to say, "No don't do this. No don't touch that. (While rolling my eyes)" I said to myself... "I really hated when my parents did that to me why do I talk to her this way?" so I made a change.

(Me trying to figure out where she wants to go and why lol)

One day I caught her pouring her juice from her sippy cup into her little play kitchen and I thought it would a perfect opportunity for change, I simply said "mama, that’s a very smart idea, maybe we should get water instead of juice."  I got her some juice and continued to tell her " Baby next time you want to play like this in your sink, ask mommy and mommy will help." She took that really good and you bet that juice, she asked mommy for help! I kept doing this throughout my week and before I knew it, we were tantrum free at those moments where she would usually throw herself on the ground because I yelled NOOO across the room when I saw her touching things she shouldn't be touching! 

We need to understand they are curious, we do not always see the sense in the things they do but I'm sure in their minds they do, so lets help them figure out what they want/need at such moments. Be patient and loving, everything we teach our kids they learn even if we do not know they are watching. As we all know, love makes a mother great I know I wouldn't be the mother I am today if my mom didn't love on us so hard so hug your baby's, comfort them and make sure you tell them you love them 500 times a day!! 

xoxo, Steph!  

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