Top 5 gifts under $100 (For Your Bestie)

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Christmas is around the corner, LITERALLY. Like where did November even go? All i did was blink! This time of year is always supposed to be fun, but shopping for gifts always stresses me out! Anyone else? So i've curated a list of my top fav/AFFORDABLE gifts!

#1 Fuji instax Mini 8 or 9

If your anything like me your wondering what the difference is between the 8 and 9. The 9 is obviously the new one, but whats different? Honestly JUST the price and the mini (i mean super mini) selfie mirror on the lens... & the almost $20 price difference! Most places no longer sell the 8, but you get lucky every now and then and find them in stock!. They do the same thing, look the same and weigh the same. This is a really great gift for anyone who goes to lots of outings! You know, capture a few good moments in print INSTANTLY!


#2 ANY cute athletic sneakers

Now the near year is running towards us like a ton of bricks, but that's ok. According to NBC News Getting healthy for the new year is one of the top google searches! What better gift they to get that person started on the right track with a new pair of athletic shoes. My favorite place to shop for inexpensive shoes (amongst other things i don't need) is Nordstrom Rack! 


#3 Passion Planner 

My Life would be a WREACK without a planner and I have recently stumbled upon Passion Planner! This for me is more of a sentimental gift. I know your thinking how? There's something about giving someone gift that sets their goals and dreams down on a physical paper to accomplish and check of one by one, that really gets to me! a new year means endless new opportunities and chances to make this year and the years to come better then the last! 


#4 PINK Pajama Set

I for one LOOOOOOVVVEEEE pajamas. Maybe because i love sleep? Naps? Idk! Count me in if i get to wear pajamas. Not just any pajamas though. Cozy, but EXTRA cute Victoria secret PINK pajamas! These are deff on my wish list this year! I think i look forward to new pajamas most. Like i said i love sleep. If i can be comfy but still cute, then I'm happy. 


#5 Chi Gold Flat Iron Set

Let's talk abut CHIC! You can do your hair with any hair iron, but we all know chi works best! The quality is always worth the price but this gold set gives all the feels! Who wouldn't feel GLAM after styling themselves with these!!!

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