What Would I Do Without You?

Can I just go back in time and meet you sooner, please?! 


There is this amazing shoe called a Moccasin and many brands make them, but no one makes them the way Freshly Picked makes them! Like many of us with babies/kids we find disappointment in the items we need and buy for our lovies sometimes. We say things like “This is so cute if only it had this/that…” or “Ugh I wish this was made differently.” Well Susan Peterson DID something about that!


I have never had a baby shoe that just met my over all expectations for a shoe, except for now! The soft soles are my favorite! Not only are they easy to put on (we all know the struggle of tiny laces or wiggling a fit in to get shoe one), but with these moccs all those shoe struggles we have fly out the window…literally! Susan hustled her way through a rough time and used her own son as a mocc tester. Now you know that’s made with LOVE!


The proof is in the pudding! My only advice is to buy them from birth all the way until they stop making your lovies size! My daughter is about to be 2 and boy do I wish I found FP early on in my motherhood journey! They are so lightweight, we use them everywhere, they are easy to clean, they last long and endure all kinds of kids activities from playgrounds, painting, running and much more! 

The Soft Soles pictured here is the style WINK! I literally can not get Kali to wear any other shoe but these. Starting from newborn sizes, Freshly Picked grows with your littles, so check them out!


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