There's a great feeling when we are able to do good for people around us!

Instead of going on a honeymoon in 2009, Elsie and her husband Jose went on a missionary trip to Peru.  This impacted and changed their lives for ever!

Their love for Peru and the people grew to such matters that they decided they wanted to do something about it. Every year, they embark into a 10-day missionary trip and when they aren't there, they are helping from the states.  That is how you come into this equation!

From every t-shirt sold, we donate $1.00 to the missionary family Villafuerte-Villantoy, a family who lives in great poverty with their children in Peru.  They also sponsor their daughter Bryana by paying her yearly school needs so that she can attend school.

Not only is their love for Peru and helping the people there, but they have an amazing heart to helping in the US and locally.

There's a few headbands on the site dedicated to charity.  For each headband sold, a $1.00 donation is made to the charity selected for that headband.

Their mission is to be able to help more by the end of 2017.  Your support means the world to Elsie.  With each handmade item that she makes and that you purchase, you are making a difference.  Not only in her family, but around the world!  

Thank you from the bottom of their hearts for being part of this amazing mission!  We hope that you continue to follow their passion for helping others.